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Working with Teams: Personal Maps

A great exercise for a better understanding of people is to capture what you know about them in personal maps.

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Package Management & Versioning

In the world of software management there exists a dreaded place called “dependency hell.” The bigger your system grows ...
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Git Branching & GitFlow

Distributed version control systems like Git give you flexibility in how you use version control to share and manage cod...
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How to: Send mails in Windows 8 Store Apps using C#

Sometimes you need to let your Windows 8 Store Apps users to send email from your Windows 8 Store Application to open a ...
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How to: Navigate to a web page from Windows 8 Store App Settings Flyout

Sometimes you have a Windows Store Application and you want the user to write a feedback using a form in your website. I...
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How to: Return a specific Http Status Code from WCF REST Service

When you create a WCF REST Service, the caller of the service wants you to return specific HTTP Status Codes for specifi...
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How to: Display a message box in Windows 8 Store Apps using C#

Sometimes you want to display a message to the user of your application about error or information. But there is no Mess...
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How to: Close a Popup dialog in a WP7 Application using the Back key

Sometimes you display some information about your application in a Windows Phone 7 Page using the Popup control. When yo...
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How to: Read XML files in Windows 8 Store Apps Package

Sometimes you have you add basic data in XML files and add these files to your Windows 8 Store application as a resource...
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How to: Sign and Verify XML Documents with X509 Certificates

Sometimes your application contacts other systems that use XML documents to receive data about orders or Payments and so...
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